About us

Center for the Study of Democracy is a think-thank founded in 2006 by the Faculty of Political Science at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania. The Center engages in research projects and analyses from a comparative perspective with a solid practical component on issues such as: democratization, migration, ethnicity, energy policy, civic education, electoral behavior, and institutional design. Our collaborations reach institutions such as the Presidential Administration, the Romanian Parliament, local administrative institutions and organizations within civil society.

CSD's research team gathers professors and researchers from the Political Science Department at BBU, from other departments, as well as from partner universities abroad.

Association Center for the Study of Democracy

Due to the growing network of collaborators and partners within the civil society, the Association was created under the Romanian Law in October 2012. The association's activities complete the ones developed by the center, through applied research projects and collaborations with other NGO's sharing similar interests, such as education or the promotion of democratic values.

ACSD’s administrative council:

George Jiglau - president

Carmen Greab – executive director

Anca Sinea – vicepresident

Toma Burean – vicepresident

ACSD’s mission is to make a contribution to Romania's democratic construction through the initiation of independent research, improvement of the decisional process, and the promotion of democratic values and active citizenship.

In order to pursue this mission, the Association formulates the following objectives:

  • -To facilitatie, develop and implement scientific research and surveys relevant for ACDS’s mission;
    -Community development through citizens' involvement in the decision-making process;
    -To engage the youth in the life of the community;
    -To initiate, developt and encourage partnerships and collaboration at local, regional, national and international levels;
    -To monitor the process of democratization and European integration in Romania.
  • In order to achieve these objectives, the Association develops the following actions:
    -Designs and implements surveys and other scientific research activities;
    -Assists other associations and local, central or international public authorities to improve the decisional process and democratic construction;
    -Provides expertise, aid and training services for communities, agencies, public institutions and active people concerned with Romania’s democratic construction;
    -Develops advocacy campaigns;
    -Creates publications, informative brochures and other materials related to the Association’s mission, including materials on magnetic support;
    -Organizes seminaries, conferences, public debates, internships that support the Association’s mission;
    -Creates and facilitates the creation of new partnerships and federations.