(with Diandra Tanasa)


The Romanian legislative framework on construction and thermal rehabilitation does not directly address energy poverty, but through the standards set and measures imposed it has the potential to tackle various dimensions of energy poverty. Law 372/2005 ( (Romanian Parliament, 2005) amending law 101/2000 on the energy efficiency of buildings (Romanian Parliament, 2020) transposes EU Directives 2018/844 (Council of the European Union; European Parliament, 2018) and 2010/31 on the energy performance of buildings (Council of the European Union; European Parliament, 2010) and the 2012/27 on energy efficiency (Council of the European Union; European Parliament, 2012) and sets up the national standards for energy performance in buildings, including NZEB to be implemented starting with January 1st 2021. Standards typically take into account climate regions and the
related indoor comfort requirements, an efficiency ratio between construction costs and energy performance requirements and requirements with regard to urban regeneration.


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